Golden Beach
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Series Premiere

January 2009

Series Finale



Daniel Amalm as Hayden Mackenzie

Esther Anderson as Erica O'Donnell

Eric Bana as Andrew Blake

Rebecca Breeds as Katrina Brown

Indiana Evans as Jasmine Jefferies

Rebecca Gibney as Jeanette Robinson

Claire Holt as Angie Robinson

Claudia Karvan as Linda Brown

Isaac Keenan as Alex O'Brien

Lincoln Lewis as Lucas Robinson

Kain O'Keefe as Ryan Sanderson

Kate Ritchie as Sally Blake

Hugh Sheridan as Zane Jefferies

Jon Sivewright as John Robinson

Caitlin Stasey as Cassie Blake

No. of seasons


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Average episode length

46 pages

Golden Beach is a drama series created, produced and written by Jacko. It revolves around the residents of Golden Beach, a small town on the coast of eastern Australia, and their loves, triumphs, downfalls and dramas that occur in their very different lives. It currently runs on the RU Network, and is into its second season. The first season debuted in January 2009, and was completed in May 2010. Season two premiered in June 2010, and will be completed by mid 2011.

Season one of Golden Beach featured a main cast of just six characters- all teenagers- and focussed heavily upon teenage life, relationships, love, break-ups and other dramas. In season two, the cast expanded considerably to fifteen main characters, introducing four brand new faces and promoting five recurring characters from the first season, and focussing less on just teenage troubles and more on adult issues and more mature storylines.