Katrina Brown

Portrayed by

Rebecca Breeds

First Appearance

"Welcome to Golden Beach"

Last Appearance




Significant Others

Linda Brown (mother)

Ben Brown (father, deceased)

Lucas Robinson (boyfriend)

Cassie Blake (friend)

Angie Robinson (friend)

Katrina Brown is the main protagonist of Golden Beach. She first appears in the series premiere episode, "Welcome to Golden Beach", when she moves to the town with her mother, Linda, a few months after the death of their father/husband Ben in a tragic car accident. Not afraid to step out of her comfort zone, Katrina has shown a rebellious side, especially when she threw a party while her mother was away, and can be very argumentative and at times judgemental. But above all, she's a kind-hearted person who shows great compassion to others. After having a crush on Lucas Robinson through the duration of season 1, the pair finally locked lips in the season 1 finale and were shown as a couple in the season 2 premiere. She is best friends with Cassie Blake and Angie Robinson.

Season 1Edit

Before moving to Golden BeachEdit

Before Katrina and her mother moved to Golden Beach, the two of them and their father/husband, Ben, were living happily in the city together. This all changed when- one night, on the night of Linda's birthday- Katrina and Ben were travelling home with her gift when they were run off the road by a driver on the wrong side of the road and crashed horrifically. While Katrina survived with only a few scratches, her father had perished. A couple of months later, Linda was under considerable financial strain and told Katrina that they may have to move because they can no longer afford to pay the bills and rent. While Katrina protests, saying that they can't leave because it's where her father died, Linda explains that it's exactly why they need to go; to try and forget about all the bad memories and start fresh. Despite being reluctant to leave, Katrina is made to do so by her mother, and the two pack up and travel down to a small coastal town called Golden Beach...

Katrina made her first appearance in the opening scene of the series, as she and mother Linda drove into Golden Beach, Linda scolding her daughter for "eating too many cheeseballs" and Katrina showing anger and sulking about the fact that they have to relocate to a brand new town. Linda suggests that Katrina talks to a professional to help her get over the loss of her father, which occurred six months prior, but Katrina insists that this isn't necessary. As they unpack and settle into their new home later, though, Katrina apologises to her mother for her snappy and rude attitude, and also expresses her nerves of attending a brand new school and notes the difference in atmosphere in the town compared to the hustle and bustle of the city, where they previously lived.

On her first day at Golden Beach High School, Katrina is befriended by Cassie and the two quickly hit it off, Katrina confiding in Cassie about the death of her father and its emotional impact upon her. They are interrupted by Angie, however, who informs Katrina that she shouldn't be hanging around Cassie, who is apparently a lesbian. Cassie denies it. ("Welcome to Golden Beach")

Katrina and Cassie then devise a plan to get back at Angie for being such a "bitch" towards them, hacking into her school account and printing off evidence of Angie's visits to banned, illegal pornographic websites. They threaten to show it to the principal if she doesn't start "acting nice", but the threats don't faze her. In an act of revenge, Angie takes a picture of Katrina and Cassie together and posts it around the school to make it look as though they are in a couple. This causes Katrina and Angie to engage in a physical fight at a party, demonstrating that Katrina isn't afraid to get even, or lash out at those doing wrong to her. ("Blackmailia") Katrina later confides in her mother about Angie and her hatred towards her, and explains that what she did was only to help Cassie get back at her, showing that Katrina has a level of compassion towards Cassie, even if she's demonstrating it in the wrong way. When Cassie then confides in Katrina that she did in fact used to be a lesbian- showing some truth to what Angie was saying- Katrina overreacts and storms off. ("Oh, the Guilt")

Fed up with the 'war' between their daughters, Jeanette, Sally and Linda organised for Angie, Cassie and Katrina to attend a counsellor to try and sort through the problem. The counselling session doesn't go according to plan, however, as the dilemma worsens when Angie and Katrina physically attack each other again. Katrina and Cassie then reconcile, Katrina apologising to Cassie, and Cassie forgiving her. ("Slow Process") After the two girls sort out their differences, Cassie suggests that they visit Angie, apologise, and put everything behind them. While reluctant at first, Katrina finally gives in, and she and Cassie go to see Angie and tell her they're sorry. Angie agrees to forget everything, and the three become friends. ("Demons from the Past")

While searching for a book in the school storeroom, Katrina meets Lucas who is looking for Pride and Prejudice, and the pair are accidentally locked inside when the door closes and locks on the outside. After being stuck for a while, Katrina makes a move on Lucas and almost manages to kiss him before the door opens and Cassie and Angie have come to the rescue. Both are rather embarrassed about the incident. Later, when Katrina receives a higher mark on a test than Cassie, it sparks jealousy and anger from Cassie that leaves Katrina baffled. ("Beneath the Surface")

After Ryan collapses in the Sea Shoal, Katrina pays him a visit to see how he's doing, confessing that she's only there to demonstrate that she is a better friend then Cassie, perhaps to get back at Cassie for being so angry and quick-tempered. While Ryan tells her that it's fine, Katrina seems embarrassed, apologises, and leaves. When Cassie is attacked mysteriously and left for dead in her home, Katrina immediately rushes to be by her side. As she leaves from a visit, Cassie tells Katrina that it was stupid of her to overreact like she did and that she's sorry. Katrina laughs it off, saying that it was a pretty stupid thing to get mad over, and Cassie- humoured- agrees. Later, Katrina runs into Brad, of whom Cassie introduced her to prior, and becomes suspicious when Brad seems to know that Cassie was in hospital without any knowledge of the "accident". Deciding to find out exactly what Brad's up to herself, she follows him and takes photos of what he is doing and where he is going. Afterwards, Linda is attacked by a mystery person in their home. They leave behind a note reading 'YOU'RE NEXT' and this terrifies Katrina. ("Masquerade") She and Linda report what happened to the police, but with no real evidence or information, Detective Sharpe informs them that there isn't much she can do. Scared for her life, Katrina tells her mother- when she offers- that she'd like police protection to help her sleep easy at night. Paranoid, she almost attacks her mother after hearing noises at night, and then breaks down in absolute terror when she claims to have seen Brad peering in through the window while she washes up. ("Consumed by Fear") Katrina then lashes out her mother when Linda thinks that she is worrying a little too much about Brad, not believing that her daughter saw him out the window. ("Fact or Fiction?") She's also there to comfort Cassie when Sally is kidnapped by Brad and held for ransom. ("Phase Two") In "Reconciliation", Linda tells Katrina that she doesn't think that she's crazy and that she loves her. Katrina, reluctant at first, finally forgives her mother and the pair apologise to each other and all is forgiven.

Katrina is on a camping trip in the bush with her mother, Angie, Lucas, John and Jeanette as a surprise for Angie and Lucas's eighteenth birthday, when Cassie is kidnapped by Brad (and then rescued by Ryan) and the bomb Brad had set to kill Cassie explodes, causing a massive fire to spread rapidly through the bush. When the ute containing the group tips and crashes while trying to get away, Katrina herself is not badly injured, and so assists in helping Lucas and John, who are both badly hurt in the accident. Insisting that they need help straight away, Katrina tells Angie to accompany Linda in going and finding so. Katrina and her mother tell each other that they love one another, before the former bids her mother a teary goodbye as she rushes to get help. After Katrina, Jeanette, John and Lucas are all rescued and taken to hospital, everyone else is brought in except for Linda and Marcus, and so Katrina and Alex wait nervously to see which will be brought in. It turns out to be Linda, and a devastated Alex flees after Katrina attempts to comfort him. Katrina is told her mother may have brain damage because of the severity of the smoke inhalation, but Katrina remains optimistic. ("Hell on Earth - Part 1") ("Hell on Earth - Part 2")

One month after the fire, Katrina is finally bringing her mother- who insists that her daughter need not fuss over her- home. Linda suggests, not for the first time, that Katrina seeks therapy about the fire and everything else tragic that had happened previously in her life, but Katrina once again refuses. After talking to Lucas about it, however, Katrina tells her mother that she would like to do therapy, if it will help her get past everything that happened. Linda is happy that Katrina has chosen to do so, and Katrina starts her sessions with Cassie's therapist, Dr. Slater, in the city. ("One Month Later")

Katrina is humoured when Ryan confides in her that he has a crush on Cassie, telling him that Cassie probably wouldn't like him back. Katrina then tries out for the girls' soccer team, and gets in with ease, proving that she is just as good athletically as she is academically. ("Smile Through the Pain")

In an act of rebellion and "boredom", Katrina decides to throw a party with Angie's help when her mother is called up to the city after Katrina's uncle is involved in a car accident. Getting heavily drunk after Angie tells her to loosen up and enjoy herself, the party is busted by Jeanette, who shoos the teenagers out and is furious at Katrina for doing such a thing. Katrina apologises, but not with any real sympathy. ("A Night to Remember") The following morning, Linda has returned to Golden Beach, and makes Katrina clean their home from top-to-bottom as punishment, which causes Katrina to show regret for what she did and promises her mother nothing like it will occur again. ("But in Reality...")

After discovering from Cassie that she likes Ryan back, Katrina tries to set the pair up with each other, but finds that Ryan is giving his old relationship with a girl called Courtney McQueen a go (which Ryan is really doing to make Cassie jealous so she'll like him more, but neither Katrina nor Cassie knows this). Afterwards, Katrina talks with Lucas and the pair agree to meet up after school at the Sea Shoal. Realising that Lucas doesn't remember anything about the night of the party, Katrina tells him that the two kissed, in an attempt to get Lucas to reciprocate the feelings she has for him. Lucas isn't sure about whether or not to believe this, but Katrina tells Cassie that she's sure the plan will work...if she has any chance with Lucas. ("Suspicious Minds")

Katrina, a Lady Gaga fan, is ecstatic when Angie wins a competition to meet the pop star and decides to bring her and Cassie along. Before the concert in Sydney, Katrina is talking with Angie about her charade with Lucas, unaware that Lucas is listening in on the conversation. When Katrina realises, she attempts to talk it out with Lucas, but he just storms off in outrage. Later, Katrina, Angie and Cassie all meet Lady Gaga herself, and she signs their merchandise, discusses their favourite songs of hers with them, and gets pictures. The girls then excitedly watch Gaga's performance of "LoveGame" in the front row of the crowd. ("Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll")

On her father's birthday, Katrina and her mother visit his grave in Sydney, paying their respects and reflecting upon his sudden death. Later, the two return to Golden Beach, and Angie tells Katrina and Cassie that she has contracted HIV from Michael. Katrina is understandably devastated, and provides Angie a shoulder to cry on. She later then decides to finally talk to Lucas and try and sort things out with him. What results is Katrina finally telling Lucas about her feelings towards him, which leads to a kiss between the pair in the Sea Shoal as they run for cover from the rain. ("Positives and Negatives")

Season 2Edit

Two weeks after the season 1 finale, Katrina and Lucas are in a relationship with each other, which seems to be going smoothly. The two argue briefly over the aftermath of Angie's shooting of Michael, but they quickly resolve it. Katrina visits Cassie, who has been doing it tough after her pregnancy shock, and discusses whether or not Cassie will keep her unborn child, of which she is still unsure about. Katrina comforts Cassie as she breaks down. ("The Aftermath")

The first hurdle in Katrina and Lucas's relationship comes in the form of new girl to town Indi Jennings, who has quite a crush on Lucas and makes no real effort to keep it a secret. She also appears to delight in Katrina's frustrations and concerns about her incessant flirting with Lucas. Katrina also takes to spying on Lucas, watching him with anger as he helps Indi with her homework in the Sea Shoal. ("The Secret Life of the Australian Teenager") ("Blast from the Past")


Rebecca Breeds was cast in the role because she was believed to have the appearance and 'dynamic' of Katrina. "As soon as I saw Rebecca, I knew that was my Katrina. She was perfect; she was exactly how I had pictured and envisioned Katrina, and gave off that bright and fresh vibe that I think Katrina presents", creator, producer and writer Jacko explains. "I also thought she'd appeal to readers and be a familiar and vibrant face, which I think is what Golden Beach is mainly about. Rebecca makes a great protagonist for the series".