Season One
Season 1 poster
The main cast of season 1

Season Premiere

"Welcome to Golden Beach"

Season Finale

"Positives and Negatives"


Rebecca Breeds as Katrina Brown

Claire Holt as Angie Robinson

Isaac Keenan as Alex O'Brien

Lincoln Lewis as Lucas Robinson

Kain O'Keefe as Ryan Sanderson

Caitlin Stasey as Cassie Blake

Guest Starring

Eric Bana as Andrew Blake

Bernard Curry as Brad Kent

Trent Dalzell as Marcus Rhodes

Rebecca Gibney as Jeanette Robinson

Brett Hicks-Maitland as Michael Jefferies

Claudia Karvan as Linda Brown

Kate Ritchie as Sally Blake

Jon Sivewright as John Robinson

Season 1 of Golden Beach ran on the RU Network from January 2009 - May 2010. It consisted of 22 episodes, and featured six main characters. The series began with 16-year old Katrina Brown relocating to Golden Beach from the big city with her mother, Linda, a few months after a tragic car accident killed their father/husband, Ben. Though the series relies on an ensemble cast, Katrina is the primary character.

The first season introduces the teenagers of Golden Beach and their complicated lives. The first 13 episodes revolved mainly around the introduction of the characters and getting readers settled into the series. By the mid-season two-part cliffhanger, and for the remaining 7 episodes following it, readers were familiar with the characters and their worries.

Main CastEdit

(In order of appearance)

Recurring CastEdit

(In order of appearance)

Special Guest CastEdit

(In order of appearance)

  • Caroline Brazier as Sharon Sanderson (8/22)
  • Celeste Barber as Emma Sharpe (6/22) *Uncredited for her first appearance
  • Jackson Heywood as Jim Inman (4/22)
  • Jessica Marais as Rebecca (4/22)
  • Conrad Coleby as Constable Mark Collins (3/22) *Uncredited for his first appearance
  • Vince Colosimo as Rick O'Brien (3/22)
  • Luke Mitchell as Tom Vincent (3/22)
  • Charlotte Best as Courtney McQueen (2/22)
  • Bernard Curry as Brad Kent (2/22) *Appeared 7 other times as a recurring character
  • Indiana Evans as Jasmine Jefferies (2/22) *Jasmine's name was not known during these 2 episodes
  • Jessica Tovey as Jen O'Malley (2/22)
  • Lady Gaga as Herself (1/22)
  • Steve Bastoni as Coach (1/22)
  • Kate Bell as Nurse (1/22)
  • Jack Campbell as Paul Sanderson (1/22)
  • Khan Chittenden as Stephen Harris (1/22)
  • Gigi Edgley as Cosgrove (1/22)
  • Alan Flower as Greg North (1/22)
  • Kip Gamblin as Ben Brown (1/22)
  • Brett Hicks-Maitland as Michael Jefferies (1/22) *Appeared 7 other times as a recurring character
  • Les Hill as Doctor Bailey (1/22)
  • Clarissa House as Christine (1/22)
  • Tessa James as Nat (1/22)
  • Tammy McIntosh as Alicia O'Brien (1/22)
  • Margot Robbie as Summer (1/22)
  • Andrew Supanz as Craig O'Brien (1/22)
  • Shane Withington as Senior Constable Robert Victor (1/22)


1. "Welcome to Golden Beach"

2. "Blackmailia"

3. "Oh, the Guilt"

4. "Slow Process"

5. "Demons from the Past"

6. "Fallout"

7. "Six and a Half Months Ago"

8. "Beneath the Surface"

9. "Masquerade"

10. "Consumed by Fear"

11. "Fact or Fiction?"

12. "Phase Two"

13. "Reconciliation"

14. "Hell on Earth - Part 1"

15. "Hell on Earth - Part 2"

16. "One Month Later"

17. "Smile Through the Pain"

18. "A Night to Remember"

19. "But in Reality..."

20. "Suspicious Minds"

21. "Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll"

22. "Positives and Negatives"

Season SynopsisEdit

Katrina is doing it hard after the death of her father, the crash of which killed him she was also involved in. Throughout the season, Katrina maintains an underlying crush on Lucas Robinson, which she finally reveals to him in the season finale; "Positives and Negatives", and the two share a kiss. Katrina becomes good friends with Cassie Blake upon her arrival in the town, and eventually with Angie Robinson as well.

Lucas Robinson was shown to have a drug habit six and a half months prior to Katrina's arrival ("Six and a Half Months Ago") but he had since kicked the habit and sought help for it. Generally kind and protective, Lucas needed to display these qualities around his sister Angie, who was very emotionally fragile. He originally had a crush on Cassie Blake, but gave up on this when he was told she didn't feel the same way.

Angie Robinson began as a manipulative and self-absorbed "bitch" (as she was often referred as), and developed a hatred for Katrina and Cassie, especially towards Cassie, who had kissed her six and a half months prior. Following a string of unsuccessful relationships and schemes, Angie eventually left her rebellious phase behind her, opting to start a friendship with Katrina and Cassie, which evolved as the season progressed. Her most notable relationship during the season was with Michael Jefferies, whom she dumped after the couple had sex and he transferred HIV onto her.

Ryan Sanderson held a flame for Angie at the beginning of the season, but quickly disbanded it. Good friends with Alex O'Brien since they were children, he was run down and almost killed by his friend when Ryan learnt his secret ("Blackmailia"). Ryan developed memory loss as a result of the incident, and so doesn't know the full story as yet, and may never will. Later in the season, a crush became apparent between he and Cassie, but Ryan put his feelings towards Cassie behind him when he met a girl at a concert, befriended her, and she followed him back to Golden Beach ("Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll").

At the beginning of the series, Cassie Blake showed anger towards her mother, Sally, upon her return to Golden Beach after departing because she had cheated on husband Andrew. Shown to be a lesbian, or at least experimenting with lesbianism, six months prior to Katrina's arrival in the town, she planted a kiss on Angie, which fuelled a feud between the two. Cassie even attempted suicide as a result of the incident, but was talked out of doing so by her father ("Six and a Half Months Ago"). Cassie's life was in grave danger when she began to be stalked by Brad Kent, a severely psychologically damaged man who raped Cassie and then tried to kill her before Ryan intervened, saving her from certain death. The tables were turned when Cassie finally killed her stalker and was free from his evil ("Hell on Earth - Part 1"). In the latter half of the season, Cassie developed feelings towards Ryan, but was left unheartbroken when he didn't fully reciprocate them. After feeling dizzy and queazy for a while beforehand, Cassie discovered she was pregnant with Brad's child in the season finale ("Positives and Negatives").

Alex O'Brien began the series having arrived back in Golden Beach from a road trip up to the city. It's revealed that he brought back a boyfriend- Marcus Rhodes- and when a homophobic Ryan discovered his friend was gay, he felt disgusted, and threatened to tell everyone at school ("Welcome to Golden Beach"). To keep Ryan quiet, Alex ran him down in a car, and was relieved to discover Ryan had no memory of the incident ("Blackmailia") ("Oh, the Guilt"). It was revealed that Alex hadn't always been gay, and had a girlfriend, Jen, six and a half months prior to the series beginning ("Six and a Half Months Ago"). In the mid-season two-part cliffhanger episode, Marcus was thought to have perished in the bushfire in which almost all of the main characters were involved in ("Hell on Earth - Part 2"), but was revealed to be alive and well, having been rescued by another teenager called Tom ("A Night to Remember") ("But in Reality..."). Alex discovered that Marcus was cheating on him with Tom, and so broke things off with him. He was left devastated as Marcus departed Golden Beach to be with Tom.

Mid-season cliffhanger eventEdit

Each season of Golden Beach features a massive mid-season cliffhanger event. In season 1, it was a bushfire, caused by the explosion of a bomb that Brad had set to kill Cassie, but failed to do so as Ryan intervened. Katrina, Linda, Jeanette, John, Lucas and Angie were all camping at the time for Lucas and Angie's birthday. Brad had kidnapped Cassie, tied and gagged her, and left her stranded inside a car in the middle of the bushland with a bomb inside set to explode. Ryan, with the assistance of Marcus and Alex, followed in an attempt to rescue Cassie. Seconds before the bomb's detonation, Ryan reached Cassie and saved her, and a brawl with Brad followed. Cassie managed to kill Brad, and then she and Ryan were forced to flee as the horrific fire caused by the bomb's explosion tore through the bushland. As all of the characters were taken to hospital, some with more serious injuries than others, one character didn't manage to make it out in time before the fire got too fierce; Marcus. Alex broke down, believing his boyfriend was gone, but it was later revealed Marcus had survived ("Hell on Earth - Part 1") ("Hell on Earth - Part 2") ("A Night to Remember").